CSS to the Point

This easy-to-use and comprehensive book provides answers to over 200 CSS questions. Each answer includes a description of the solution, a graphical example, and sample code that has been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Notes about browser issues and cross-browser solutions are also provided. The invaluable tips and tricks will help you get started fast, and the CSS quick reference will help you use CSS like a pro.

This book covers a wide range of topics, including how to:

  • Create hanging indents
  • Format bulleted lists (including the space between the bullet and the list content!) 
  • Format numbered lists (including formatting the numbers)
  • Auto-number headings
  • Apply special formatting to email and external links
  • Add a dotted underline to links
  • Create print-specific styles
  • Create two- and three-column fixed and fluid layouts
  • Create non-scrolling regions

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