HTML5 to the Point

This easy-to-use and comprehensive book provides answers to over 140 HTML5 questions. Each answer includes a description of the solution and sample code you can use in your documents.The invaluable tips and tricks will help you get started fast, and the quick reference tables of HTML5′s new elements, attributes, and events will help you use HTML5 like a pro!

This book covers a wide range of topics, including how to:

  • Use the new section, article, nav, header, and footer elements
  • Validate form values using patterns 
  • Spellcheck form values 
  • Use the new canvas element
  • Include audio and video files and specify multiple formats for different browsers 
  • Add subtitles to a video 
  • Jump to a position in a video 
  • Set the tab order for any element
  • Make iframes more secure 
  • Use WAI-ARIA with HTML5
  • Use IRIs and provide pronunciation guides
  • Allow users to edit content
  • Save content using WebStorage
  • Find the user’s location
  • Allow the user to drag and drop elements

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