ClickStart helps companies develop usable products. We are commited to improving the user experience: our goal is for users to get started using products as easily as possible.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • MadCap Flare training and consulting
  • MadCap Doc-to-Help training and consulting
  • Online help and embedded user assistance development, programming, design, and training
  • Policy and procedure (P&P) and knowledge base development, design, and training
  • WBT (Web-based training) and classroom training development and delivery

Who We Are

Scott DeLoach is the Founder and CEO of ClickStart. He has 25 years experience as a user experience architect and has provided consulting and training for US government agencies and over 100 companies across the United States and Canada and around the world. He is a frequent speaker at user assistance conferences, and he has received four Best of Show awards from STC for his work. Scott is the author of MadCap Flare 2018: The Definitive Guide, HTML5 to the Point, CSS to the Point, Word 2013 to the Point, and MadCap Software’s Flare Basic Training Guide, Flare Intermediate Training Guide, and Flare Advanced Training Guide.

Scott is a MadCap Certified Instructor for Flare and Doc-to-Help and the manager of the MadCap Advanced Developer certification program. He holds a masters degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University, and he is a Fellow of STC.