Web Usability for Dummies

by Richard Mander and Bud Smith

Reviewed by Steve Kersten for ClickStart

ISBN: 0764515462

In typical Dummies fashion, Mander and Smith’s book presents the concepts of Web usability in a fun, funny, and checklist-supported way. A great introduction for anyone who is new to the design of a Web site or application and needs to be grounded in "the rules" that bring user happiness to Web site interactions. (To that end, the book is probably less useful for someone who has experience using user-centered design to build Web projects and knows the dangers of always sticking to rules about the Web, which is an ever-changing environment. Nonetheless, even if the rule needs to be broken, this book allows designers and contributors to Web sites and applications to know when they’re straying from what may be considered a standard interaction.) The authors analyze the dummies.com Web site early on.

Published in 2002 and now out of print, the book is relatively easy to find using the major online bookseller’s connections to the out-of-print market.

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