Developing Quality Technical Information

by Gretchen Hargis, Michelle Carey, Ann Kilty Hernandez, Polly Hughes, Deirdre Longo, Shannon Rouiller, and Elizabeth Wilde

Reviewed by Steve Kersten for ClickStart


ISBN: 0131477498 Gretchen Hargis and her team have revised their superb handbook on how to write for users. Their well-written guidelines, proven over and over in the real world, are easy to read, easy to understand, and always applicable. The unique part of Hargis’s contribution to the field of style guides, however, is in part 4 of the book, where to "put it all together," she focuses on "applying quality characteristics" to information. Filled with specific and usable how-to advice, the section not only illustrates what it’s teaching, but it is filled with checklists and charts that add value and bring quality to your writing and department moments after reading them. The book will dovetail nicely with any styles and standards your department already has in place, and it is particularly recommended for new technical writers .

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