What Our Students Say

At ClickStart, we work hard to provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience in all of our classes. Whether you’re a novice or expert, we can help you get the most out of your class. We also make sure to stay in touch with our students after class to answer any questions that might come up back at work.

Here’s some of our recent student comments. We hope to add your positive feedback to this page soon!

"Scott is, simply put, a quality individual. His personality, demeanor, professionalism, respectfulness, and attitude are unparalleled."
C. Crombach, Phoenix Controls

"I would definitely take another course from this instructor."
Q. Townsend, PATlive

"Scott was great!! So calm, extremely knowledgeable, great 'real life' examples."
C. Salisbury, Team Financial

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, very patient and helpful."
D. Garcia, Wescom Credit Union

"Great job! I am looking forward to returning to work and implementing the knowledge I learned."
R. Johnson, StaffMe.net

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the instructor."
B. Haley, HTRI

"Scott was fantastic! He took the class seriously yet made it fun and relaxed too."
M. Zurn, ESRI

"Scott did an outstanding job. He always asked us if we had any questions and made sure we all understood the subject matter. I would be disappointed if he wasn't teaching additional Flare classes."
EMI, Wickford Technologies

"Excellent work by Scott. Knows subject cold! Has a DEEP understanding and an exceptional ability to teach and convey concepts, learning objectives, and understanding."
J. Bunch, Arris Group

"This course was done so much better than others I have taken- like someone read my mind!! I love that you obviously care about what your users think!"
S. Piazza, Healthplex

"I have already recommended the course to others."
B. F., Vertex Systems

"I'm generally an impatient student (hazard of being an instructor myself), but I didn't find myself getting impatient during this course. The pace was excellent, as was the material."
N. Hale, SalesPage Technologies

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it."
L. Latham, Educational Networks of America

"Scott rocks!"
O. Barnes, ACS

"Lots of great detail! Scott you did a great job of presenting the information in a way that was easy to understand!"
J. R., Trek

"I am so glad I took this course. It helped to fill in many gaps in my understanding. Flare is even more powerful that I thought."
M. M.

"The instructor was very helpful in suggesting best practices and methods specific to our company's content and processes."
B. McIntosh, Avocent

"I would recommend Scott to all future training groups."
B. W., Spheris

"Scott is a very effective online trainer. He matches his dialogue with the screen presentation very well (which sounds easy, but isn't). I never once got 'lost' during class. He also really knows his Help Authoring Tools."
S. Adams, Clean Water Services

"Excellent course with a good mix of education and entertainment."
D. Defurio, Avocent