Content Development

Our team develops high-quality content on time and on budget. We can work with you to help you meet a deadline, provide guidance when you move in a new direction, or develop a project from start to finish.

Our content development services include:

  • Customized help development
  • Embedded user assistance design
  • Migration assistance from WinHelp to HTML Help and WebHelp
  • Migration assistance from FrameMaker, Word, and RoboHelp to Flare 
  • New help author mentoring  

If you are interested in any of these services, just give us a call at 404.520.0003 or click here to request more information.

Customized Help Development

Most Web-based applications are highly customized by customers and dynamically-modified for different user roles. Customized applications allow customers to meet their users’ needs, but they can be very difficult to document. How do you write a procedure when fields can be renamed, moved, removed, or added?

Our team has been developing customizable web-based help systems for over ten years. If you need to create customizable help, we can analyze your project and provide a recommended approach and prototype. We can also work with your team to develop customizable content. 

Embedded User Assistance Design

Embedded user assistance includes page overviews, field labels, error messages, embedded help, and any other instructional content in an application. Embedded help systems have been shown to improve product usability, and they are preferred by users.

Our team includes recognized embedded assistance experts. Our founder, Scott DeLoach, developed one of the first HTML-based embedded help systems over ten years ago. Since then, we have helped many companies move to embedded user assistance, and we have developed a wide-range of approaches and design options. Whether your application is developed using AJAX, ASP, C++, Java, .JSP, JSF, NET, XML, or another tool, language, or technology, we can help. 

Migration Assistance from WinHelp

WinHelp help systems cannot be opened in Microsoft Vista unless you download a viewer, and Microsoft has encouraged help authors to move to another help format. If you need to move from WinHelp to HTML Help or WebHelp, we can migrate your help systems or teach you how to migrate like a pro. We’ll make sure everything in your project, including your topics, images, formatting, TOC, index, glossary, condition tags, and context-sensitive help, successfully migrates to your new format. Why learn the hard way? Let us apply our expertise to your project so you can migrate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Migration Assistance from FrameMaker, Word, and RoboHelp to Flare 

If you are considering migrating from Frame, Word, or RoboHelp to Flare, we can convert a sample project, provide a time estimate for fully converting a project or multiple projects, describe best practices for migrating, support you during your migration, or migrate your projects for you. We have converted over 25 projects to Flare. After the migration, we can even help you take advantages of new features in Flare, such as table styles, master pages, snippets, variables, and skins. Or, we can provide a custom Quick Start Flare class for your team.

New Help Author Mentoring

If you are new to online help or user assistance, we can provide mentoring to make sure your first project is a success. Our team can work with you to design, develop, implement, and evaluate your help and user assistance based on best practices and time saving tips and tricks we’ve developed.