Our research interests include online help, user experience (UX) design, and usability. This page provides links to Scott DeLoach’s past presentations, papers, and articles. Scott is an internationally-recognized expert on embedded user assistance, MadCap Flare, cascading stylesheets, and online help design and development.

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Presentation Conference
Best Practices for CSS STC Chicago webinar, 10/1/18
Intro to CSS for MadCap Flare Users MadWorld Europe 2018 (Prague)
Extreme CSS Techniques (workshop) MadWorld Europe 2018 (Prague)
Advanced Skinless HTML5 Design Madworld 2018 (San Diego)
Extreme CSS Madworld 2018 (San Diego)
Cutting-edge Design with MadCap Flare STC Summit 2018 (Orlando)
DNA of Technical Communication Write2Users 2017 (Copenhagen)
Multi-platform Output with Flare Write2Users 2017 (Copenhagen)
Enhancing Flare with jQuery Write2Users 2017 (Copenhagen)
MadCap Flare Pain Points Write2Users 2017 (Copenhagen)
MadCap Flare Goodies Write2Users 2017 (Copenhagen)
Cutting-edge Design with MadCap Flare tcworld 2017 (Stuttgart)
Best Practices for Embedded UA tcworld 2017 (Stuttgart)
Adapting Content for Mobile Devices tcworld 2017 (Stuttgart)
Cutting Edge HTML5 Design
“before” project
“after” project
MadCap webinar, 8/30/17
Best Practices for Responsive Content UA Europe 2017 (Harrogate)
Best-in-class Embedded UA UA Europe 2017 (Harrogate)
MadCap Flare: Taking control of your HTML5 output with styles, skins, and master pages workshop UA Europe 2017 (Harrogate)
MAD for MadCap Flare Certification Bootcamp MadWorld 2017 (San Diego)
Cutting Edge HTML5 Design MadWorld 2017 (San Diego)
A New Look at Extending HTML5 Targets with jQuery MadWorld 2017 (San Diego)
jQuery Plugins for Enhancing Web Content
ISTC Communicator, Winter 2016
Enhancing User Assistance with jQuery
tcworld 2016 (Stuttgart)
Responsive Web Content workshop tcworld 2016 (Stuttgart)
Best Practices for Formatting Notes, Tips, Cautions and Warnings in MadCap Flare MadCap webinar, 7/20/16
Extending HTML5 Targets with jQuery MadWorld 2016 (San Diego)
An Introduction to CSS MadWorld 2016 (San Diego)
Core Web Standards and Competencies WritersUA East 2015 (Seattle)
Applying Responsive Web Design (RWD) to UA WritersUA East 2015 (Seattle)
CSS3: Advanced Techniques workshop (examples) MadWorld 2015 (San Diego)
Responsive Content: A CSS-based Approach MadWorld 2015 (San Diego)
Responsive Content: A CSS-based Approach (examples) MadWorld 2015 (San Diego)
Best Practices for Going Mobile MadWorld 2015 (San Diego)
MadCap Flare: Advanced Table Styles MadWorld 2014 (San Diego)
Embedded UA 101 STC Summit 2013 (Atlanta)
MadCap Flare: How Not to Let Team Authoring Drive You Crazy MadWorld 2013 (San Diego)
Using MadCap Flare Reports and MadCap Analyzer MadWorld 2013 (San Diego)
Best Practices for Embedded UA WritersUA 2012 (Memphis)
Flare Tips and Tricks WritersUA 2010 (Seattle)

Strategies for User Assistance

WritersUA 2010 (Seattle)

CSS: Best Practices for Increasing Usability

example – non-scrolling region
example – non-scrolling table heading

Tekom 2009 (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Best Practices for User Assistance (UA)


Tekom 2009 (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Best Practices for Single Sourcing with Flare STC Summit 2009 (Atlanta, GA)
Best Practices for Web-based Embedded User Assistance

demo – embedded UA panel

demo – embedded UA panel, field-level

demo – embedded UA popup, AJAX

WritersUA 2009 (Seattle, WA)
Flare Hot Tips and Cool Tricks (presentation)

Flare Hacks 08 (handout)

WritersUA 2008 (Portland, OR)
Designing Best-in-Class Embedded User Assistance



WritersUA 2008 (Portland, OR)
Best Practices for Embedded UA WritersUA 2007 (Long Beach, CA)
Flare Tips and Tricks (presentation)

Flare Hacks 07 (handout)

WritersUA 2007 (Long Beach, CA)
Designing Stylesheets for Online Help WritersUA 2007 (Long Beach, CA)
Combining Embedded User Assistance and External Help Systems IEEE PCS newsletter, June 2006
Getting Started with Flare STC Atlanta Currents 2006
Best Practices for Online Help (Workshop) Tekom 2005 (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Best Practices for Embedded User Assistance Tekom 2005 (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Standards for Online Help Tekom 2004 (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Case Studies in Web-based Embedded User Assistance Tekom 2004 (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Designing, Localizing, and Customizing Web-based Embedded Assistance IEEE Professional Communication Conference 2005
Designing Web-based User Assistance WritersUA East Conference 2004
Developing Embedded User Assistance for Web-based Applications WritersUA East Conference 2004
WritersUA Conference 2004
Developing Database-resident Help for Customizable Web-based Applications WritersUA Conference 2004
Developing Context-sensitive Help for Web Applications Winwriters Europe Conference 2003
Winwriters Conference 2003
Developing Database-Resident Help Winwriters Europe Conference 2003
Designing Embedded User Assistance for Web-based Applications Winwriters Europe Conference 2003
Embedded help scripts Winwriters Europe Conference 2003
An Introduction to Team-based Usability Testing STC TransAlpine Chapter meeting, 2001 (Slovenia)
How to Select an HTML-based Help Format STC International Conference 2001
How to Create Web-based Training STC International Conference 2001
Designing Embedded User Assistance STC International Conference 2000
Creating HTML-based Help with RoboHELP HTML 2000 STC International Conference 2000
STC Atlanta Chapter Currents Conference 2000
Designing Web-based Embedded Help Winwriters Conference 2000
Designing for Interactivity: Role Models, Guides, and Coaches Tech/Comm Conference 1999
STC International Conference 1998
STC Atlanta Chapter Currents Conference 1998
Moving a Community to the Web: Creating Hyperviews: Online STC International Conference 1999
An Overview of HTML-based Help STC Atlanta Chapter Currents Conference 1999
Organizing an STC Chapter Web Site STC Tieline, August 1998
Three Reasons to Consider Using Multimedia Commlink (The Atlanta STC Chapter newsletter), April 1997