Flare Advanced Training

MadCap Flare Advanced
(2 days classroom or 3 days online)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”
L. Latham, Educational Networks of America

Learn to use MadCap Flare by taking the official course from Scott DeLoach, author of MadCap Flare: The Definitive Guide and MadCap Software’s authorized training guides. During this hands-on course, we will cover:

  • responsive design best practices
  • “reset” style definitions
  • CSS mediums
  • the Foundation grid
  • advanced pseudo elements, pseudo classes, and selectors
  • multiple master pages for home pages and other topics
  • responsive layouts
  • home page “card” design and layout
  • advanced topic design and layout
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Google Fonts
  • responsive tables
  • responsive images
  • calc() and CSS variables
  • language-specific style definitions
  • single sourcing designs for print targets

By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to design cutting-edge online targets efficiently using MadCap’s single sourcing features. Students are also encouraged to bring their real-world projects to class for project-specific recommendations.

All students who register directly with ClickStart receive:

  • the 200+ page authorized MadCap Flare Advanced training guide
  • a free copy of MadCap Flare 2018: The Definitive Guide 
  • answers to all of your questions–Scott will stay as late as you want to work with you one-on-one
  • future support–email us with questions after class anytime!

Group discounts are available. E-mail us for details: info@clickstart.net.

Need a class now? Immediate, one-on-one, and customized classes are available. E-mail or call us for details: info@clickstart.net or +1 404.520.0003.

Need training for an older version of Flare? No problem! We can teach any version of Flare.

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We use the official training guide for this class which our instructor, Scott DeLoach, wrote for MadCap Software. Click here to view a PDF of the training guide’s TOC: Flare Advanced course outline. We also teach older versions of Flare. Just ask for details.


Scott DeLoach is a MadCap Certified Flare Instructor and the author of MadCap’s official Flare training guides. He is also the author of MadCap Flare: The Definitive Guide and the creator and manager of MadCap Software’s MAD for Flare certification program. Scott enjoys teaching and helping his students learn. Here are some of his recent students’ comments about the class.

Class Size

The online public class is limited to 12 students so that every student can receive individual attention. Onsite or private classes can be held for large groups.


The online class meets each morning from 11:00-2:00 EST, and students have the afternoon to complete the day’s exercises. The instructor is available from 2:30p – 9:30p each day through email and phone to answer questions. Students can even arrange a one-on-one online meeting in the afternoon if they have questions or want to review anything from the morning’s class. Class times are completely flexible for private online classes. Online classes meet using GoToMeeting (free) and either VoIP (free) or a long-distance call. We can arrange phone numbers for most countries worldwide.

In-person training is available worldwide. The class typically meets from 9:00-5:00, but we are completely flexible to your team’s schedule.


The class cost depends on the type of class (group, ASAP, or one-on-one), class size, and location. We also offer large group, government, and non-profit discounts. Please email us at info@clickstart.net, and we can provide a quote.


Payment does not have to be received before class, but we do need a PO number. Payment can be made using a credit card, P-Card, PayPal account, or check.

Need More Information?

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

E-mail: info@clickstart.net

Phone: 404.520.0003