MadCap Flare V8 HTML5 search term highlight script

This script adds search highlighting to HTML5 targets for Flare V8 projects. If you are using Flare V8, feel free to use it in your projects.

MadCap added search highlighting to Flare V9 based on our requests (thanks, guys!), so you won't need this script with Flare V9.

The following links include a sample project, sample HTML5 output, instructions, and the files you will need:

To download a file, right-click the link and select "Save" (the command's name varies in different browsers). To open the flprjzip file, double-click it or open Flare and select File > Open.

If you have trouble downloading the js file in the "instructions, sample icon, and script" link, you can copy it from the sample project. It's in the MasterPages folder.

Limitations, tips, and features are included in the instructions document. I'll update the instructions document based on any feedback I receive.

If you need help with this script, Flare, CSS, or HTML5, you can email Scott.

Enjoy the script!